Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ryan Dain... Our Project Manager is Very Ill

Ryan Dain is the job project manager and in charge of the construction of the Kinshasa Temple.  He was also in charge of building the 2 chapels that Ed's students helped build when we were on our last mission.  We have become very close through the years.  His family lives in Provo, Utah and he goes home to see them about every 2 to 3 months.  Our apartments that we live in now are next door to each other.

Two nights ago (Monday, Sept 19)  Ryan was at our home for dinner and had a severe seizure.  It was very, very, very humbling.  Ed and Stan were able to hold him down and immediately give him a commanding priesthood blessing.  We were all overwhelmed because we realized that there is no 911 in Kinshasa.  There are no ambulances, as we know them.  The victim needs to be taken to the selected hospital.  The only one we would go to is several miles away and in order to get to it, we would have to go through town, and cross the protestors lines.   After his blessing, he started to relax enough to see that the worst of it was over.  After 30 minutes he became slightly lucid and recognized Ed. 

We immediately called our daughter Tiffany's father in law, who is a medical doctor in Idaho, Del Rey Maughan.  He and his wife served a mission, in Africa, as the medical doctor for all the missionaries in many missions.  He realized how difficult it would be to have this terrifying experience in such a strange country.  He was wonderful and gave us information to coach us through the night.  We are grateful for his experience and knowledge.    

He said we needed to get Ryan home to the U.S. as fast as possible.  He said the seizure might be caused by a brain tumor, and it might have been a first attack, which could be followed by a more severe one.  However, the road to the airport was closed due to the protestors and demonstrators.  There was no way to get to the airport on Monday.   We purchased tickets for Stan to take Ryan home on Tuesday night, but the violence continued to get worse and the flight was cancelled.  In the meantime, Ryan was feeling better, but still very confused and forgetful.  We were finally able to talk to Ryan's doctor who agreed with everything Del Rey had told us.  He needs an MRI and a diagnosis. 

It is Wednesday and Stan and Ryan made it to the airport tonight.  Their flight has just departed the city.  We are so very thankful he is on his way home to get the medical care he needs.  We are grateful that Ed listened to the still small voice that prompted him to pick up the phone and invite Ryan to eat dinner with us.  Five minutes later he came through the door, smiling and happy.  He sat down at the table and 30 seconds later the seizure attacked him.  If Ed hadn't called him, he would have been home alone, and we could have lost him.

Ed is now in charge of the temple construction for the time being.  Hopefully, Dad is hovering nearby.  We are going to need all the help we can get! 



  1. Oh No! We will pray for Ryan's Recovery.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write it down mom. Prayers for Ryan!

  3. Dear Kriss and Ed:

    How grateful we are that you were there in the exact minute that dear Ryan Dain had a severe seizure and wonderful Stan was there, too. How glorious that you intervened and saved Ryan’s life and gave him a commanding priesthood blessing that has preserved him to fly back promptly to the States in the company of dear Stan.

    We are praying for the Spirit to continue with you as you direct the temple construction temporarily in Ryan’s place. How amazing that all these factors were in place to preserve Ryan and to continue building the Kinshasa temple. You were exactly the right people to be there for this to be possible. Your timing in getting to Kinshasa was inspired and put you there safely to accomplish these purposes. And your daily lives are guided by the Spirit, something of equal importance.

    You knew everything necessary to work through getting Ryan some rare qualified medical help immediately and also to work through the demonstrations on the airport road and get him on the first possible flight with Stan to home. We love you two and thank you and the Lord for all these crucial little miracles. Thank you for your faithfulness.


    Mark and Elaine Smith