Wednesday, September 21, 2016


When we were on our last mission we worked very closely with an orphanage.  Ed did an amazing job, with the help of Ryan and Westland construction... and some of his students, of repairing a "home" with deplorable living conditions for about 20 children.  One little boy became Ed's shadow for 2 months, as the construction renovating was completed.  His name is Chance.  He was a charmer from day 1.

We had talked to Mitzi about the possibility of having the McBride's adopt him...  and while we were considering the feasibility of  the adoption, our friends, the Dains (Ryan's family) announced they were going to adopt Chance.  It felt right, and we were thrilled for them ... and very happy that Chance would be raised by a loving family.  (This is Angie Dain holding him before the decision to adopt.)

It took two and a half years to get the paperwork completed.  When we arrived in Kinshasa for this temple mission, Ryan had just picked up Chance and he was legally part of the Dain family.  However, the DR Congo had a moratorium on issuing exit Visas for children, so there were hundreds of families waiting to get their children back to the United States.  The rest of the Dain family were in Provo waiting for school to be over, and then they were coming to spend a month with Ryan and Chance. 

We got to be his "Grammy" and "Papa" for  4 months!  What a delight it was to see a little boy discover life outside of a Congolese orphanage.

This was his first day of school with us, his new Dad (Ryan) and big brother, Jake.

They received his exit Visa in July and Chance is now living in Provo, Utah with his family, the Dains!  It was a blessing to have him in our lives.

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