Tuesday, September 20, 2016

DR Congo Citizens Protest!

Kinshasa, Congo,

Is Locked Down as Protests Erupt Against Joseph Kabila

Kinshasa protestors gathered by the hundreds and thousands in large groups across the city over the past 2 days.  We were warned that we should all stay in our homes to avoid being part of the violence that has gripped many areas full of people who represent the demand that President Kabila step down and allow an election for a new president.  His terms are over, and he simply won't leave.  These good people are tired of the corrupt government and are demanding a change.  On Monday, the first day, over 30 people were killed.

We have not seen any violence in our area.  Both mornings we went across the street to the job site. Both days, a few men showed up for work.  Others didn't dare the commute, as many of them live in the areas where the demonstrations and fighting continue to rage.  Both days, we were told by our security force that we needed to get everyone to go home, to be with their families if they were needed.  There was no public transport.  Gaelord, one of our valiant hard workers, had to walk the seven hours to get home, as there was no public transport allowed in the city. 

Things are very quiet and eerie in our neighborhood.  We  can look out our balcony and see the smoke from fires burning around the city.  We keep getting email updates of what is happening around town.  The roads to the airport have been closed for 2 days and flights have been cancelled. 

We are safe and being careful, and staying tucked away in our nice apartment. Hopefully it will calm down for awhile and we can get back to work soon.   We keep praying that something will happen to bring peace  to this part of the world.  It is humbling, almost overwhelming, to realize how blessed we are to have the freedom that we enjoy in America.  I will never take it for granted again.

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  1. Oh my word!! Sweet Gaelord!! I hope he gets extra points in heaven!!