Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rain, Rain Go Away!

We knew we were coming during the rainy season.  We tried to talk the Special Project office into waiting until Mid-May to start.  However, the brethren were anxious to get this temple started. It is now still the rainy season and there is lots of mud on the job!  In fact, the first day on the job, I didn’t follow Ryan’s footsteps and stepped over to the side where it looked less muddy.  Big mistake.  I felt like I was in quicksand in a Tarzan movie. It sucked off my shoes... and I had to be pulled out.  Big laugh for all the workers on the job!  Half of them are our old students and when I go on the job now, one of them squeals in a high voice "My shoes, my shoes". 

When Ed arrived on the job yesterday, this is what it looked like.  This is the hole for the foundations of the temple.
But he is excited about the work and the opportunity of building a temple!

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