Monday, April 25, 2016

A Couple of New Job Descriptions

Our "Love and Hugs" and "Keep the Spirit on the Job" calling as the Senior Couple overseeing the building of the temple has been changed.  Our original job description says we aren't ever supposed to tell the workers if they need to do something differently or to "Get to work!"  However, last week our Project Manager and the Salt Lake office asked us to officially be the "Site Project Manager" which means Ed helps Ryan to Coordinate and Monitor almost everything.  I write all the reports as directed by Ed.  There will be another Congolese person that will be given this responsibility eventually, but I think Ed will be training him.  The church wants a local man here to be groomed to help oversee the many temples in Africa that are on the horizon.

Then Ed was given another assignment.  He was asked if he would be the official "Inspector".  Since they don't have inspectors here, Ed will have to do ALL inspections.  They sent us some samples of the written reports we will submit after each inspection.  They were from the Fiji temple and one of them was numbered #193.  That is a lot of inspections!  They want every inspection to pass, which means Ed has to trouble shoot everything before the inspections. 

On top of everything, the concept of him not putting on a tool belt, or picking up a shovel is a joke. 

Let's just say... things haven't changed much.  He thrives on the work and trying to get things accomplished.  He feels the best way to lead is by example.

I am very proud of him. I just hope he can hold up!

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