Monday, October 27, 2014

A Party with the Orphans!

We decided to have a special day while Ryan’s parents were here.  We were going to bring some of the children into town and go to a bounce house and buy them an ice-cream cone.   President Cook told us about another orphanage.  We decided to go check it out.   There were 16 kids. 
Most of them are ages 10-14.  Somehow our little gathering became a big party for 30 orphans, held at the stake center out by the orphanage.  Our main room was the Relief Society room.  

Usually people show up for things on African Time… meaning 30-60 minutes late.  However, these kids were so excited, that when we arrived 30 minutes early to set-up, they were all there waiting outside the church.  It was tough to set-up with 30 excited orphans bouncing off the walls.  Ryan’s family were all over painting, so Ed and I were doing all the set-up. 

We started with a French cartoon 40 minute movie shown on the wall of a classroom.  Then we had the mission president give a short speech and do magic tricks with his glowing light.

We then had a barn dance, which was lots and lots and lots of fun!  They all participated… even Philomene. 

They were darling!

Some of the songs we did were the Hokey Pokey, YMCA,

The Limbo,

Virginia Reel,  Girls Just Want to Have Fun/Macho Man medley,

and of course The Chicken Dance. 

Ed and I did a little jitter-bug to a 50’s song, and then they all joined in. 

We even taught them how to do a Congo Line!  It was great!

We then served them all lunch.  Cute Ryan has a woman that cooks for the workers building the chapels.  He had her fix Congolese food and bring it out to the church for everyone.  (Rice, beans and  dried fish.)  

While they were eating, we had a classroom set up like a store with all the clothes that the Danes brought. (Ryan’s family).  Angie, Pam and Peyton (Ryan’s wife, mom and  daughter) spread out the clothes on tables for a certain sex and age group and brought in 3 or 4 children at a time and let them choose. 

The girls each got a dress and 2 sets of play clothes and the little ones each got a doll.  Most of the boys each got 2 outfits and a bag of marbles.  They all paraded around.

There were many tears of gratitude shed.  Thank you to Ed and the Dain family... What a special day!   




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