Saturday, November 1, 2014

Progress with the Orphanage Rebuilding Project

The progress on the building moved along slowly, but surely, in July and August.  Ed and I both worked at the mission office for 2 weeks, starting the last week of July, while we filled in for the Sneddons.  (They went home for 2 weeks for a family reunion.)  After that, I stayed and worked at the office full time. 

Ed helped out whenever needed by the mission, but was able to shift most of the following 7 weeks to focusing on the orphanage.  His crew was mostly made up of the graduated students he had had in the past who were not employed. 

All of them had been working for at least a month since graduating, but they were not rehired by the construction companies for various reasons.  For instance, they liked to visit with each other instead of work... or they were often late for work... or they didn't show up for work... or they just simply couldn't do the work.  (Concrete, brick laying, etc.)  They nearly drove Ed crazy, but they really are lovable, good guys. 

Little by little, things were accomplished and the work moved forward.  This shows the progression of the Water Barrier Wall from digging the trench.




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