Monday, July 7, 2014

Our New Assignment in the Country of Cameroun

President Cook, our mission president, realized we were about to reach our goal of “working ourselves out of a job”.  The time was close to turn the construction program over to the Congolese.  He called the head of construction for the church in this part of the world and asked if we could possibly be released from the construction department two weeks early, and be switched to being regular missionairies.  He got approval from the leadership in South Africa to send us to Yaounde, which is in the country of Cameroun.   We realized it was time to say good-bye to our construction students, as we were now needed more to serve in Yaounde.  We will only be here for 4 weeks, when the new permanent couple will come to stay for 18 months.  We will then return to Kinshasa, or wherever President Cook needs us the most. 

Yaounde is a beautiful city with lots of trees and about a hundred steep hills. 

Picture San Diego hills, made of bright red dirt,  

and covered with tons of vegetation and trees. 
We have a good apartment. 

So far, the water has been good and the power has only gone out about twice a week.  However, there is no generator… so we live with candles some of the time. 


It is fun to be back in the heart of things, where we definitely still know we are in Africa!  You continue to be amazed at "Church Clothes"....

And at the things you see as you drive along the road...


and even the sights you see on the golf course!

The best part of being here is working with the 10 elders.  It is great to be working with the missionaries again!

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