Monday, July 7, 2014

Our Missionaries

We have 10 "young missionaries" in Yaoundé.  Our responsibilities are to "Train" them and to take care of them.  I made a list of about 50 things that a senior couple "should" do or "could do".  It is up to us to use our talents to help them be the best "Elders" they can be. 

They are young men- Ages 18-22 who are dedicating two years of their lives to serving our Father in Heaven and his son, Jesus Christ. 

Last Saturday four of them had an open house at the church.  This is a rare quiet moment they had between talking to the people who were walking by.  They gave out over 40 Book of Mormons and hundreds of brochures. 
 They serve for 2 years.  Our North American boys have just 3 cities they can serve in, due to safety and security factors in some of the Congo cities.   These are two photos we took two days ago, as they opened their letters to find out if they were being transferred for the next six week period... and if so...where they would serve.  They are happy to serve wherever they are called, but these 3 boys found out they were going to Pointe Noire!

 They work hard and walk hard... The neighborhoods do not have paved roads, so bikes are not an option in this mission.  Everyday is a new adventure!

We have them over to our home about once a week, on P-day (Mondays) which is there day to "Prepare" for the rest of the week.  They clean, shop, do laundry ... and recreate with basketball at 6:00 am and usually a dinner and games in the evening.  (This is when Sister Cook, our mission president's wife was visiting from Kinshasa.)

When I think of the life style of most of the young men in the world, that are in that age group, I realize that these guys have left worldly things behind... and are growing up to be the best men they can be.  We love our Elders!


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