Friday, June 27, 2014

Gates 1 Graduation

On June 18th we had the graduation for the nine men in Gates 1 (One was injured and will graduate with the next group).  The name of their class is Gates 1.  Ed taught them for six months.  They then worked for the contractor, without Ed, for three months.  Most of them were great men and good workers.   Seven of them have been hired to continue working on building the 2 chapels full time.  It is wonderful to see them employed and using the knowledge that we have worked hard to teach them.  

At graduation, each student was presented with a six page spread of photos of them working on the project, which I had put together for them.  I also put together a 12 minute slide show, with music. They were thrilled.  Elder Gates spoke and left them with great advice and much love.  It has been an honor to work with them!







This means we have taught 40 men.  If they teach the trade to just 4 of their friends and children… there will be 160 families with a livelihood.  If each of them share their knowledge with 4 of their friends and children… that will be 640 men and women who will know a trade, because we were able to serve this mission.  It is humbling to think of the impact couple missionaries can have on the world.  We are so very grateful for this opportunity. 


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