Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our Construction Program Update… The End is Near.

When we were sent over to serve in Kinshasa, we were told that our goal should be to work ourselves out of a job.  As we have been training students, we have also been working with several men who had been chosen to be the new instructors for the 4 cities where they are teaching our construction classes.   They are called PTIs.  (Potential Training Instructors.)  These PTIs finish their 18 month training this month.  We have reached our goal and are ready to turn it over to the local Congolese.  We have faith that the program will keep moving forward and wish them all the best! 

I can't begin to find words to express how proud I am of my mission companion!    His students love and admire him.  He is leaving a mark on Africa that will impact generations to come!


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  1. So cute! He will definitely leave a mark! So have you. Love you guys!