Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Victoria Falls - Our First Day

Included in these plans for a safari was one stop to fulfill a goal that I set when I was in 6th grade.  I first saw an amazing photograph in a text book of a magical place called “Victoria Falls”.  Before I realized that Victoria Falls was in a remote area in Africa, the seed had been planted in my heart, and I declared to myself that someday I would go to visit the world’s largest waterfall.   I remember thinking there was probably no way that it would ever be possible.  Thank you, Ed, for supporting and sharing my wanderlust.  

 We spent 3 days at a nice hotel called The Kingdom.   It is the closest hotel to the falls, and out of our window we could see the mist the falls created.  It cost enough money to go to the falls that we didn’t go the first afternoon after we arrived.  We decided to wait to view the falls until early the next morning when the “viewing” was supposed to be the best.  We spent our first afternoon walking to the bridge that goes across the gorge.  It crosses from the country of Zimbabwe into the Zambia. 

Note the spray from the falls that comes up out of  the gorge...
What a fun name for this trucking company!  In this area, they say this phrase, "Hakuna Matata" lots... which means "No worries".

There are rainbows everywhere! 
We went shopping and bought me some new safari clothes.  Ed laughed and laughed and said he has never seen me wear tan clothes before.  We are ready to greet the animals!

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