Wednesday, April 2, 2014


At 6:00 the next morning we walked over to the falls entrance, through a back path.  We had been warned that there were wild elephants.  We saw the evidence. 
Ed was excited, I was not.  Just as we were almost to the entrance to the falls, this was our close up confrontation of the elephant, with us not in a car, or jeep, or anything!  Ed loved it.  There was a local guide who saw us and said “don’t go closer… walk away fast”.  Ed started to go closer … and I walked very, very fast! 

The national park was gorgeous, with thick vegetation!

And then we saw the first of the falls.  We went at the highest water flow season of the year. 
The good news is that the water is gushing beyond all imagination.  When we arrived at the falls, we first viewed and area that had no mist. 
The bad news is that the volume of water crashing into the gorge creates a steam, and sometimes you can’t see the falls at all. 


 As we walked in further,  it was like walking into a cloud.  Every minute or two the vapor would blow away for a couple of seconds so we could catch a glimpse of the falls.  As we walked along the top the gorge, to the center of the falls, it turned into a shower… as much as if I was standing under our bathroom shower with a medium spray.   Again, every couple of minutes the spray would clear for us to see all of the falls… a section at a time.   These are all different sections... piece by piece.


We were thrilled and felt like we were very lucky to see it all, even if we didn’t see it all at once!


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