Monday, March 31, 2014

The last of Kruger Park in South Africa.

We realized it was time to start our 2 hour drive out of the park.   From our rental car we saw about 20 baboons together.  They had with very sore looking fannies which are supposed to look that way.  


We saw a few more elephants out in the trees, some grey monkeys,

antelopes, and about 12 hippo heads off a ways in a bay.   My favorite was a mother elephant… right on the side of the road… with her nursing baby!


We were amazed.  We had seen four of the Big Five… Elephants, Rhinos, Water Buffalo and Lions!  As we were talking between us about being so fortunate, we came around a curve.  There were 4 cars parked at the side of the road, and then we saw it… a spotted head hidden up in a tree…. A LEOPARD!  It is the rarest of the Big Five.  He was just stretched out resting in a tree, right next to the road!  The first photo is of his head.  The second is the shot from the other side of the tree.  Maybe some day we will get a picture of a leopard head and back together, but for now... we are thrilled. 


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