Sunday, April 17, 2011

Traffic and #1 & #2

When we were going out to FHE it is about 20 minute drive, at least that is what it took on the way back. On the way there it took over 2 1/2 hours! It was CRAZY! We had 2 Elders and a branch missionary in the back seat. After about 2 hours one of the Elders said, "Elder Gates, Grase has to go #1 and #2." Dad said, "I am not waiting." Keep in mind we were in stop and go traffic for almost 2 hours. Mom and I both looked at Dad like are you serious? As you might know, it is very hard to tell when Dad is joking or “just serious” and I was born into the family! After a couple of beats Dad said OK, run to that gas station up there. The Brother got out and started WALKING! At the same time we started moving forward at a somewhat steady pace although it was still about 10 miles an hour. Dad blew a gasket as this was the first time in almost 2 hours that we were moving forward and Dad just let this brother out of the car and he was WALKING! Dad rolled down his window and said, “Grase, get back in here.” One thing to note: when Dad talks, EVERYONE listens. There was no way this poor brother was not going to come back. He also realized that he better hurry as Dad was still moving the car forward. He hustled and got in the car. Dad said, “Why were you just walking? Why didn’t you hustle?” This poor Brother, with his broken English said nothing. Dad looked in his rear view mirror and said, “How are ya?” The response was, “Bad”. Imagine the worst bodily function needing to be evacuated, you are in stop and go traffic with Elder Gates already telling you that he wont wait, then you can go, then to come back because you weren’t going fast enough, and keep in mind that you think Elder Gates is the coolest thing to hit Africa since the air conditioning in the church. Just typing the word, “Bad” doesn’t effectively describe how this cute Brother said, “Bad”. Dad saw his eyes when he said, “Bad” and knew (probably from his own experiences) this man needed to go the restroom. Dad pulled over and let this poor man RUN to the gas station. We stayed pulled over for over 15 minutes. Poor guy.

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