Monday, April 11, 2011


A big wave got us! Only Elder Wagman got wet clothes...

Our “battalion” of elders stayed about the same from September to December. These guys were were here with us for several months. We became very attached to these sweethearts. 6 of them lived with us in our home for 6 or 12 weeks. After we prayed and preached and laughed and played together, for several months, we grew into being an awesome team. After making great memories, some were transferred to other countries in the mission. They were excited for their new adventures and this excitement was contagious. Some returned home to their families. We have learned to love being with these elders… and we have learned that we need to eventually let them out of our nest on to their next assignment.

Four of them ended their missions valiantly, and went home from here. This group included Elder Chirwa, (From Kenya... our zone leader and "almost perfect missionary")
Elder Lee,(who played excellent basketball and really gave Ed a run for his money. However,Ed won the last match... which Ed calls the championship match!)
Elder Lisowski (Our computer & video genius from Canada)>
& Elder Healey (from Sacramento, CA and our 2nd great zone leader.)

Two of the elders of this group came to us in the middle of their missions and have now been transferred to other countries. They are:
Elder Roldan (Our gourmet cook from San Jose)
& Elder NGandu (from District Republic of the Congo-Kinshasa. He started a fantastic ward choir here.)
We also had 4 boys who came to the Congo from the United States the same week that we did. They were our “greenies” and it was great fun to have them adjust to life in the Congo with us. These were Elder Lamm, (from Bear Lake, Idaho)

Elder Wagman,(from Georgia)

Elder Tingey (from Kayesville, Utah)

and Elder Buck (who was our fun roommate from Utah) who came out 6 weeks before us.
We wondered if we could ever be as close to other elders, when they said goodbye, and our hearts were heavy because we don’t know if we will ever see them again here on earth. However, we have learned that the work goes on… and the Lord did send us more Great Guys! But we will never forget any of these great boys that we saw grow into "Men".

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