Saturday, February 5, 2011


I have a bit of time to talk about the Marche’ (MAR-shay). Marche’ is market. They use that term for what I would consider a 711 type of store, an outdoor swap meet/Tijuana type store, and a grocery type store. The outdoor swap meet type store is like Tijuana, but without tourists. There is only one tourist here right now, that’s me. We drove by an outdoor Marche’ and there were so many people out and about that I was worried that we were going to run them over. That is just part of the everyday life. There are no crosswalks or pavement markings so cars and people just wander through the streets. As the people here speak French, there are some French patisseries or bakeries. There is a lot of bread sold here, mostly French bread and croissants. They don’t have preservatives so bread is only good one day but there are people selling them everywhere. For lunch we stopped at one of these that were very good. We shared a yummy veggie pizza and each got a dessert. It was very tasty. I hope to visit there again. In this store they also had diet sprite. That was a fun thing that Mom hadn’t noticed before and she was properly excited. Another Marche’ that we went to was a Craft Marche’. This was more like Tijuana. Now Craft Marche’ sounds a lot flashier than what the reality was, not to say it wasn’t fun. There were a lot of wood carvings, paintings and jewelry. Most of the paintings were beautiful. They are done locally by the people selling them. There was not one magnet to be found. Here are some photos of 2 paintings that Mom commissioned, the blue one is from the same guy.

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