Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5 – The Aeroport Day

We started the day with French Toast with President and Sister Headlee. Soon after, Dad took them to the Airport (trip #1 to the Airport).

We then went to the Maternity Hospital to deliver a few of the blankets. The blankets that have been handmade have not yet arrived here. I had brought 6 that Carrie had given me when I saw here in CA; they were cute, cuddly and fuzzy. I had also brought 8 from my Bishop’s wife in Washington. When I told her where I was going she was so cute to want to send something with me. I told her about the blankets and she picked up some wonderful lightweight ones. We had printed out some letters that talked about our service project. We took our translator with us for this hospital visit. We went and talked to what was the doctor who was also like the hospital administrator. He was so happy. We had brought 12 total blankets and left 2 at home as we only had 12 of the service project letters. The doctor wanted to keep 2 to give to another guy to show what Mom and Dad are doing to get permission for Mom and Dad to pick up the blankets that are being shipped and not have to pay Customs on them. There were 11 Mom’s in the hospital. We then drove back home, got the other 2, went back to the hospital and gave them out to the mothers. These babies were soooooooooo darling. I just wanted to hold all of them. So cute! The Mom’s were so sweet and appreciative!

After the hospital we went to our “Fast Food” McDonalds. In the photo it looks much larger that what it is. More than ½ of the space was for a photo copy place. Lunch was very interesting. Mom got an omelet which was tasty, Dad got spaghetti which was also tasty, and I got the hamburger. The top bun was hard like a big crouton. The bottom was a bit soggy. The meat was ground beef but not in a patty. It was a great experience.

After lunch we did our street meeting. We met 2 of the Elders and passed out some Church brochures. It was very fun. Almost everyone took one. We passed out 100. During this time Dad went to the airport to drop off some paperwork and pick up the new Elders (trip #2 to the airport). The paper work Dad needed to drop off was he is trying to get an airport badge so he can take the Elders all the way to the gate. If you do not have a reservation, you usually cannot go inside. Sometimes with Mom and Dad’s missionary badges they let them go to the first area kind of like a bag check area.

When we ran out of our 100 brochures we called Dad to tell him to pick us up. The Elders plane was late. Dad left the airport and came and picked us up. Then we went back to the airport (trip #3). We were there for another hour waiting for the transfer Elders to arrive. During that time the other Elders that were companions to the Elders that were incoming, passed out another 75 brochures.

Finally, the newly transferred Elders arrived (their plane was 2 ½ hours late). The 3 new Elders were so great! One African and 2 American. They were so energetic and fun. We had all of them (now 5 Elders plus Mom, Dad and I) all get in the truck. We dropped off 2 Elders along the way and they caught a cab the rest of the way. Then we dropped off the other 3 Elders and picked up one who was going home. He was a cutie and a half. I would be honored if any of my girls married such a great man as he. We brought him back almost to the airport and realized that his passport was back in the safe and Mom and Dad’s house. We went back to the house, grabbed the passport and went back to the airport (Trip #4). On our way back to the airport we realized that we left both cell phones at home when we went to pick up the passport. We needed to call the expediter (a person who helps the Elders through customs, etc. They have the passes that Dad is trying to get). We had told the expediter to meet us there at 8:00. At 8:05 he hadn’t shown up. We needed to call him. Dad stayed with the Elder at the airport and Mom and I ran back home to get the phones then back to the airport (trip #5).

We called the expediter and he met them at the airport. We said good bye and good luck to this wonderful “Returning” Missionary.

Side note, when we returned to the airport for trip #4 the cute little shoe cleaner boys that had been there earlier, brought out their brochures from earlier in the day. They were so cute! Here is a photo of Dad letting one clean his shoes. They ask for what is equal to 20 cents. Dad talked him down to 10 cents then ended up paying him the full 20. Nice of you to pry that out Dad! In all seriousness, they are told, NOT to give out any hand outs. That causes them to become dependent on it and that is not what the church teaches.

Finally we returned home at 9:30 pm, had ham and eggs for dinner and went to bed.

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  1. I mailed two large boxes with 50 blankets this week on February 3rd. Included are 140 printed cards that Mitzi designed in French to go with the blankets donated in Grandma name, with a picture of Grandma and Grandpa on their Africa mission. Thank you for inspiring us all to do this little thing that can make a difference. We love you.