Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 6

I woke up and went for the walk/run. We took a new route that sent us walking though the closest thing to the African jungle that I have seen. It was a very fun walk. I even did a few pushups with dad. After breakfast Dad and I went to run more errands. We got to go to the grand marche’. If I thought it was crowed on Wednesday, today was Packed…Packed…Packed! Body to body! We bought a souvenir for the rest of my family. Then we went to pick up the copies. I know these sound like quick errands, however, this took us almost 2 hours due to the crazy traffic and roads. Then we went to the church for a baptism. It was supposed to start at 1:00. We started at 1:50. For those of you who know my Dad…he was going crazy, but in a patient missionary way. The baptism was beautiful. Again, I couldn’t understand a word of it but the spirit speaks all languages. Side Note: Africans don’t really shower or bathe here, they “bucket baths”. They are not used to going all the way under the water. In our Church we believe in baptism by immersion. We had 2 people getting baptized today. The first was a gentleman who at least 6’4”. The Elder who got into the font with him is named Elder Oulai. He is so cute! He is about 4’6” or shorter. See photos. So put together, Cute Elder Oulai and all of his 4 ½ feet with the new bother who is very tall AND a man who quite possibly has never gone under water. Elder Oulai gave it 3 tries and could never get all of him underwater completely. Then we called in a designated hitter aka, a taller Elder. We finally got the job done. Then it was time for the Sister to be baptized. She was the whitest African I ever saw. She thought that you had to go under repeatedly. I kept telling her “une, une.” Mom said she almost passed out. She went under the first time. When she got up she there was so much emotion mixed with the spirit she was positively glowing. After the baptism Mom taught a Visiting Teaching lesson while Dad and I went to go get gasoil for the other Elder’s apartment. Every Saturday the Elders teach English for free at the church. This is a great idea as people love it. Members and Non-Members alike attend. Today there was over 50 people. What a great idea! Right now we are at a beautiful ocean side fancy restaurant. Mom and I ordered a fun crab appetizer.

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