Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Christmas Corn Roast (minus the corn)

As most of you know, in California our family has a tradition of going to the beach for a Corn Roast for special occassions. Well, we tried the corn and it tasted like I would imagine the colored corn that is used for decorations on Thanksgiving would taste like. Totally bland, hard, unchewable kernals. However, we didn't let that stop us. We were losing 3 great elders and decided to have a beach party for Christmas, while they were still with us. We found some interesting hot dogs, and used baguettes for buns... the only marshmallows we have are pink... the chocolate bars don't melt... and we used a cookie for the graham crackers. I guess the Elders didn't think we were serious about going to the beach... because they all showed up in their tracting clothes... but all in all... it was a huge success!

This is a photo of Ed asking who thought the occassion needed a Christmas Tree... They all voted Yes, and he went home and brought our tree to the beach. I love that Man!


  1. A corn roast (minus the corn) and you didn't invite us? Sorry we missed it! (My gmail reader posts these in reverse order so ignore my comment on your New Year entry.)

  2. You 2 are the cutest missionaries ever! I am so glad that those missionaries have you over there. I know that they probably love having there to brighten their days sometimes!

  3. What a darling group of missionaries! I am so glad that you all have such a fun group to "play" and work with.
    We love you so much,