Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Gates Family Season of Service

This year was the second year of the Gates Family Season of Service. Traditionally, the six Gates children, their spouses, and Ed and Kriss exchanged gifts every Christmas. In 2009, with families spread across five of the United States of America and on both coasts, we decided our tradition was too costly and difficult. Amy, the second Gates child, suggested that instead of the commercialized practice of buying small gifts only to pay high shipping costs, we each perform acts of service in the name of the sibling whose name we were assigned at random. And thus was born the Season of Service.

The "blankets for Africa" tree

Just like last year, our good friend Carrie Collins drew the names and notified each of us privately to keep secret who was doing good in your name. On Christmas Day, we revealed who we had by posting how we chose to celebrate the new tradition on the specially created Gates Family Season of Service blog. We love to have visitor's welcome read the blog and comment, so please stop by!

This tradition has helped us focus on serving our communities and one another during the annual celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Elder Gates' 2010 gift of service given
Sister Gates' 2010 gift of service given

Elder Gates' 2009 gift of service given
Sister Gates' 2009 gift of service given

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