Saturday, January 1, 2011

How we spent Christmas Eve & Christmas Day in the Congo

Christmas in the Congo was very different. There was very little in the way of decorations... and few people had trees. Most of the shops and stands were open. But there was a cheerful spirit about everyone that helped us to feel the Christmas spirit. One branch had their Christmas party on Christmas eve, and the other had it on Christmas night. I was asked to help the Relief Society with the dinner for Christmas night. Ed decided as a special service project for our family Christmas Service gifts. He helped make sure that the sisters in our branch, who were called to be the Relief Society Presidency last Sunday, were able to provide dinner for over 200 people the following Saturday, which was Christmas day. We dedicated our Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day, to helping them to their food, prepare it and transport it to the church, because they don't have cars. They would have had to haul it out to taxis on the main roads (over 3/4 mile) because the taxi's don't go through the big puddles into the neighborhoods. Ed had 17 people plus the food, when he finally drove them to the church.

These are a few photos of what our 2 days went like. This first picture is Ed pulling a bus out of deep puddle.
This is the traffic Ed was stuck in for 3 hours, trying to get to the butcher to buy the chicken.

This is Ed changing his flat tire.
This is the butcher chopping our chicken.
And this is the chicken that we took home to cook (in the oven) for the party.

This is cooking chicken African Style. By the way, Ed baptized this Sister about 3 months ago. She is now the Secretary of our Relief Society.

We had a fun slumber party with the elders and exchanged white elephants.

Sister Headlee, our mission president's wife had African ties made for all the Elders. Ed got first pick when Sister Headlee was here... and then we wrapped the others and did another white elephant exchange with the ties.
We woke up to Christmas Casserole for breakfast (our family's traditional Christmas breakfast)... and then we headed off for a 9:00 am WHITE CHRISTMAS...THE BEST KIND OF ALL!

We hope you all had a Joyeux Noel!


  1. A White Christmas to always remember. How beautiful.

  2. Such a beautiful white christmas to wake up to! Mom, loved this post!

    Also, how else LOVES that dad choose the leopard print tie!!!!!!???

  3. Your posts brighten my day! What an awesome Christmas! Thank you Thank you for posting!

  4. Sounds like a very pleasant Christmas celebration. I love the White Christmas especially and the mud puddles. I didn't see anyone dancing in them.