Sunday, December 5, 2010

We are Thankful for Thanksgiving!

We had a marvelous Feast, including apple stuffing (no celery available), raspberry Jello ($11.00 for 2 cups of raspberries - no cranberries available), carrot pies (no pumpkin available)...and the biggest hit was that Ed found a small butcher shop that had Big Turkey Drumsticks!
Each Elder had his own!

Then we gathered and everyone said their "greatest harvest." It was wonderful and we are thrilled to have been there. All of the Elders shared great things but the one that had the greatest impact on me was "I am thankful for water... clean water... pure water, hot water, water coming out of the tap... and water to bathe with... even if it is a bucket bath". We have learnesd so very much about appreciating things we have always taken for granted.


  1. Oh my word you guys are so cute! I am so proud of you and the sacrifices you are making. Only those very close to dad know what a sacrifice it is to give up his pumpkin pies for 2 years.

    Now the common hair cut...I thought dad was the only one that had to shave his head? Did they all just think dad looked so handsome so they all followed?

  2. it's so fun to see your adventures! merry christmas my friends!