Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy 65th Birthday Ed!

Happy Birthday! We had a great day with baptisms and a "party" with the Elders. We had a few minutes between baptisms and English classes, so we loaded them all up in our truck and went to the Airport where the soft serve is great! Ed took the first photo, intending to switch me places for a second photo, but a guy came running up and told us we would be in trouble with the police because we aren't allowed to take photos of a public building. Sorry, Ed... you aren't in your birthday photo. At home, black bottom cupcakes are Ed's favorite dessert. However, since there are no cupcake tins or papers, we opted for a black bottom cake. It tasted great!
I gave Ed a big electric flat grill for him to use to cook breakfast for the elders weekly (with a 220 plug, so it will stay here.) Mitzi sent us a new desktop photo which we love!
However, the most "exciting" gift was from the elders... new shorts and slippers! He now wears the shorts to relax in at night and to walk in the mornings.
Happy Birthday, honey! I am so glad Heavenly Father sent you to our house to live!!!!


  1. I love the pants and ! They are great! Dad, you look awesome! Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!

    Good to know you have at least gotten one package... with your CCR shirts! When did you get those?

  2. What great shorts! Can't wait to see you wear them in CA. Kriss and Ed got first viewing on the CCR shirts before the reunion so they could take them with them as they couldn't attend the reunion. I didn't dare mail them to Africa.

  3. Happy Birthday to our favorite Home Teacher! We love you and love hearing about how you are doing in the Congo! I went by your house this week to see Charisse and they all look great. We appreciate still having some Gates in our ward while you are gone!