Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Picture for Dad

This is a letter written from Kriss to her sister Pam: (Grandma and Grandpa Bodell went to Liberia, Africa on their mission as a couple over 20 years ago.)

Please try to print out this photo to give to Dad. This is one of his favorite guys from Liberia. Dad introduced him to his wife and taught him to love construction. He is a very productive with it and now is in charge of all the churches being built in this area of Africa (5 countries).

He was thrilled to meet us... especially because he had to escape during the war and lost all of his contacts and had no way to get ahold of Dad & Mom.

In about 1994 he came to America for a vacation and Dad took him to the ranch and to the National Parks. His name is Da Tarr.

He sends Mom and Dad all of his love. I showed him their blog and he was thrilled. I have his email if Dad ever starts doing emails, Da Tarr would love to hear from him.

Thanks. Love, K

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