Sunday, September 19, 2010

Branch Talent Show

Recently, we had a big branch talent show night. It was wonderful the way everyone pitched in.

There was food - very African food - and entertainment. The members took all of the chairs, from the chapel and everywhere in the building, outside for the program. They had a great sound system set up. They invited both branches and people in the neighborhood, so we probably had 250 people there.

Dad and I did the opening number with a PowerPoint presentation on the Helping Hands Project, with the music "The World Has Need of Willing Men." The rest of the talent was interesting, to say the least. One group of our elders sang “In the Jungle” with actions and harmony, with their voices being the instruments. The other group of elders did a skit on “A Day with the Elders,” with two elders standing behind each other. One was the head and body, the other was the arms. The African audience loved it and laughed and laughed! The Young Men in the branch did one of their traditional African tribal dances. A few started and then, all of a sudden, there were lots of people that jumped up and joined them dancing around in a circle like there was a fire in the middle with a big pot.

I felt like I could just shut my eyes, listen, and picture the “Heart of Africa”. Oh, I remember, that is where we are!


  1. I love that vest you are wearing!

  2. It is a very cute hip vest!

    What a fun event. And the video does add so much!

  3. You haven't taught them the Hokey Pokey yet? Because you know "That's what it's all about."