Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our First REAL African Food

We attended another Family Home Evening this week. For years, Ed has told me that I needed to get used to eating interesting things, because when you are on a mission, you have to eat weird things or the people may be offended.
These 2 families had worked for hours preparing a special African dinner for us. OK… so they had Dad and I go through the buffet line first. Absolutely everyone was watching. I was so brave and had at least some of everything. When I got to the fish I said…
“May I please have a middle piece, without a head or a tail?” They all laughed and thought it was great. Then Dad dished up his plate… and so much for “eating weird things”! He sat down and whispered that he just couldn’t do it… especially the fish. He did go back and get some of the SakaSaka (green stuff) and some Manioc (the roots boiled in banana leaves that look like stuffed sausages.... but noooo fish.)
So, of course, everyone focused on me and my reaction to everything. I survived. The fish was actually pretty good and the cute family made it worth all the effort!


  1. What are the first two dishes? The first one has the shape of intestines. Or are they pretty shaped hot dogs. Or are they just "dog"?

  2. Mom! I am so proud of you! Dad! You are a big fat wimp! Of course I am the one who had to run to the bathroom to throw up while just looking at the photos. So I am a real big talker!

  3. Way to go Mom!

    I am guessing the first is either some type of root or sausage. The second appears to be a type of cooked leafy, vegetable like spinach or collard greens. The fish? Well, that is just good barbeque?

  4. I am so proud of you both. Our adventure in Texas is so mild compared with yours that I am feeling guilty that life is so good. Dan and Jill have a new baby girl, Raelynn, and I got to go home to see her. Enjoying conference today. Hope you get to also. Love, MarJane