Sunday, March 12, 2017

Simbas Pants

I have had requests to please start blogging more about our mission.  Some may recognize some of the entries as similar to those posted on Instagram & Facebook.  However, there will be more details here and at the end of our mission I will be able to have all of my blog entries made into a book.

Simba, who is one of the guys on the job had pants that were ripped to the point that Ed was concerned that they might get caught on something and create a safety hazard, where Simba might get hurt.  Ed mentioned it to him, and Simba replied he didn't have another pair.  (Simba has many children and we are sure he uses his money for food, rent and schooling.)

Ed said, "Well I would give you a pair of my old ones that are too big for me, except they would be huge on you."  (Ed used to be a 34 waist, and now is smaller than a 32.)  Simba was thrilled and said "No, Elder Gates.  I will make them fit.  You will see!"  So Ed took the pants the next day, and Simba made them work.  He chopped off about a foot off the length and found a heavy string to make the 34 waist fit his 28" waist.... and he is thrilled!

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