Saturday, November 1, 2014

New clothes and The First Day of School

The Dain family sent new clothes for all the orphans and focused on those who didn't get as much at the party.  Giving them out was lots of fun. 

 The boy in the center used to live in the orphanage, but he left a couple of years ago because he had a tough time following rules.  He became one of the "street children".  Just before school started he returned to ask Philomene if he could please come back to school during the day.  He still wants the freedom of living on the street, but loves learning.  His clothes were shredded rags and we gave him these new clothes (from Payson) he was absolutely thrilled! 
 Imagine being an orphan in the Congo and receiving a dress like this one.  Thanks Angie and Pam (Ryan's wife & Mom) for collecting these!

The Dains also collected school uniforms (White tops and black or navy bottoms) for the kids.  They sent them over with Ryan, just in time for school.  We went to see the kids on the first day of school... They were thrilled to go to school in style!

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