Saturday, July 19, 2014

Our Early Morning Therapy… The Workout "Course of Life"


We have had a special opportunity to live near a Workout Course that was in good condition.  During the first week, Ed and I walked the course and then started doing a few of the station exercises.  We had a great elder who couldn’t get out of bed in the mornings and was having some problems being discouraged with his mission.  President Cook asked us to try to help him get enthused again.


Ed felt inspired to invite the 4 elders who lived by us to join us for our morning exercise circuit.  For 3 weeks we had a great time.  We would pick them up at their apartment at 5:50 am and drive the 5 minutes to the circuit. It was up high on the hill, with lots of gorgeous greenery, and looked over the city.  It was a great way to encourage our special elder, who got up every morning for 3 weeks and shone as one of our outstanding athletes! 

At the end of the three weeks he was transferred and assigned to be a District Leader.  As he left Yaounde, he gave us a big hug.  We asked if he was going to be ok.  He said “Yes, I am going to keep running!”  I was so proud of Ed being a tool to encourage this young man develop his potential as a missionary.  That was all he needed.  He is an awesome young man and will be a great District Leader. 

Now, for the fun...These are some of the stations on our course...


The others all "walk the monkey bars" ... I dangle.
At least I dangle until Ed comes and helps me move forward!

What a fun wonderful month of keeping fit physically and spiritually!  We loved Yaoundé and we loved working with the Elders.




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