Saturday, April 12, 2014


We had several sightings of the Lions.  They are used to the camp vehicles, so they would usually just look at us and then go about whatever they were doing.  Often, during the day they were just lounging in the sun.  We even caught them yawning.  Ed says that we now know where the term “Cat Nap” comes from.  We saw them walking, then lay down and go to sleep for 3 or 4 minutes and then wake up and start moving again. 


The last morning we had a great experience watching a male and female together.  It was one of those special times we saw them act as God’s creations, with personalities… not just animals to look at.  
We watched them as a 2nd male (they call them “bachelors”)_crept into their territory. 
The older and larger male,  was very wary at first.  When the bachelor tried to make the moves on the female,
the older lion chased him off about 50 feet.  As it was our last morning, we decided just to stay and watch them to see what evolved.   They would all sit down and relax for a few minutes.  Then the bachelor would approach again and the big lion would stand up and glare at the young intruder and then take a few steps to get him to move away. 
A couple of times he gave big roars.  After about 30 minutes of watching them, the bachelor got up the nerve to walk towards the other two and “The King” was fed up.  He stood up at attention, his mane bristled,
and he charged! 




The bachelor took off… but who knows for how long? 


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