Saturday, April 12, 2014


We had the opportunity of experiencing all of the big five.  I will write about the lions separately.

There were herds of water buffalos...  

and occasionally we would see stragglers off by themselves....

We saw quite a few elephants.  They were usually in small groups. 


Of the Big Five, the Black Rhino is the one that is almost extinct.  We were warned at the beginning of our safari that sightings of Black Rhinos are very rare, and there hadn't been a sighting for over a month.    When we did see him, we had to stay a certain distance from him… and couldn’t stay for more than about five minutes, because there are strict park ordinances protecting them.  On our last animal drive, early in the morning, we saw this dude and he was huge!


Also, on that last morning, we found the leopard.   In Kruger, we saw the leopard in the tree, but couldn’t get full body shots.  Well we followed this Guy for several minutes.  Very, very exciting!


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