Friday, March 28, 2014

Our African "Safari" - Intro

Intro:  Ed and I have been on a break from our mission for the past few weeks.  We came home to have the beautiful experience to be with Dad, as he was passing away.  Then we were able to attend Tiffany’s and Garrett’s wedding, and bask in the blessing of having Garrett join our family.  We spent quality time with our kids, which I will blog about later.  When we heard from the mission field that we had 2 more weeks before our classes start in Kinshasa, we decided to take a trip we have thought about doing ever since we were called to Africa in 2010.  We were going to go on “Safari”. 

March 20, 2014:  Today we began our newest adventure!  We are going on safari!  We left Raleigh Durham and flew to Atlanta.  We had an appointment with the US Passport Office to add more pages to our passports.  How exciting to know that our passports are already full of previous opportunities, after just 5 years… and we had to get new pages.  Then we boarded a 6:00 pm Delta flight for South Africa and our 15.5 hour flight, which we were told is the longest flight that there is.  Thank you, Amy and Wayne, for working for Alaska Air, which gives us the opportunity to discover the world. 

 March 21, 2014:  We arrived in South Africa and spent the night in a Bed and Breakfast.  The house and room were clean and ok… but the best thing about it was that the hostess was a marvelous help in our planning.  She not only picked us up at the airport, but drove us to dinner, figured out a way for us to take the Metro and taxi to the temple and helped us plan our trip to Kruger Park.   As we left for 3 days, she gave us her sim card to her son’s phone and her binoculars!


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