Wednesday, March 26, 2014


On the first Sunday in February I received word that my dynamic, 90 year old father had been given only three days to live.  Hospice said it was time.  Thanks to my sweetheart, Ed, and our mission president... I left on the next plane to the US.   Dad had expressed that he was excited to go whenever it was his time, but he was going to keep living life to the fullest until then. 

I arrived home on Wednesday, February 5th.  He was thrilled to see me and told me how much it meant that I would be there with him when the time came.  He went downhill quickly and painlessly.  I had the beautiful opportunity to stay by him, holding his hand much of the time.  My sister Dixie and I had the privilege of trading off being by him.  (Thanks, Dixie, for all the tender care you have given him.)  Dad slowly slipped into a coma after I had been there about 4 days.  Daily, the Hospice nurse told us he seemed to be waiting for something.  Ed finally arrived in Salt Lake from the Congo, 8 days after me, and came straight be with us.  Ed and Dad have always been very close.  Ed tearfully held him in his arms.  He and Bruce, my brother-in-law, gave Dad a special blessing releasing him from his life on earth.  And then Dad passed away a couple of hours later.  Words can't express how thankful I am that I was able to be with him that week... and for the gospel knowledge that we have.

I love you Dad. 

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