Sunday, January 5, 2014

Our Plaza for the Holidays

OUR PLAZA! We love our fun plaza that is right outside of our home. It is the most central gathering place that they have in their city.

When we first arrived, there was no water in the fountains, and the plaza seemed empty much of the time. Little by little, we saw them clean the fountain pool areas and put new tile on them. We watched them clean and upgrade the plaza tiles … and we watched as they lovingly planted beautiful plants. By June 30th, two months after we arrived, they were ready for their Independence Day celebrations! They run the fountains about 50% of the time. There is often piped in music in the evenings, and they turn it up very loud on weekends.  The colors change every few seconds... it really is very fun!

We have seen a couple of concerts and we have seen a couple of rallies. This one was promoting the concept of getting the children off the streets.

Sometimes bands either play on the plaza, or on a truck driving around the city.

The highlight has been watching them get ready for the holidays. The couple who had been here almost 2 years said that this is the first year they have decorated like this. We laughed because they left the scaffolding around the big tree on Christmas morning.

However, by Christmas night… all was well.

New Years Day (and Night) were the biggest crowds! (Not New Years Eve.) It was like living on top of the Congolese version of Time’s Square.

Life is great in the Congo!

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