Friday, January 3, 2014

Our Penthouse Views...

We are staying in “Belle Kinshasa”!   We have loved our Penthouse apartment and the views. It has been fun to be able to enjoy watching the city life below. When we move out of our 9th floor apartment, we won’t be able to have the view 24-7, but we can always go up on our roof deck. I will type a couple of different entries, because our view has been so much fun of the city, the Catholic school and especially the plaza.

These are our some of our views of the city in general.

Across the plaza is this building that has looked exactly like this since we arrived almost 8 months ago. As a construction daughter and wife, it makes me sad for the company that was building it. I look at and realize it was somebody’s dream, and must have become their nightmare. It was to be a huge complex (the biggest in the city) with condominiums, a gym, theatres and a mall. There is nothing else in town, even remotely close to being such an extensive building. None of us know why construction was halted.

This is the main train station for the city. Two trains arrive per morning from the outlying areas. Some of our student’s take the train to come into the city, and then ride with Ed to the job. We don’t ride on trains because they are considered dangerous.

This is the view of a couple of the city high rises. There are about 10 buildings like these in the city. This was our view bedroom window, and it was very fun to watch the sunsets through the buildings.

The main central bus station is also right outside the entry gate to our building.  The bus system was started on June 30th of this year, 2013.  Originally the locals didn't trust them and wouldn't ride on them... but now they are a big hit.  Sometimes we will have as many as 12 buses lined up with huge lines of people getting on them. 

We love to watch the Congolese go about their everyday life and we have had the perfect place to watch the show!

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