Sunday, December 29, 2013


(I have just discovered that this entry was never posted, so I am adding it now.)

Although the Congolese were oblivious to the importance of Thanksgiving, after work we gathered for our own Thanksgiving feast!  We had 4 missionary couples and Ryan Dain.  (Ryan is the American job superintendant that has moved here for about 5 years. He is supervising the job Ed's class is working on.  He will also supervise the buiding of the temple, when it finally happens.)   I brought cranberries and pumpkin pie filling from the United States.  We were able to get almost everything else here at the stores. We bought 2 turkeys... 5 pounds each... for $90.00.  The pile of turkey shown below was only about 1 inch high.  But it was delicious and we enjoyed a great meal.

After dinner we went around and discussed our "Greatest Harvest" of the year.  This is where everyone gets to share something they are especially grateful for.  We decided that all of us were thankful for the opportunity to be here serving our missions and that we were all thankful for our wonderful families... children and grandchildren at home.  We decided our "Greatest Harvests" had to be something besides these two items.  I said that I was grateful that my Dad is in such great spirits and enjoying life again.  Thanks to Mitzi and Mike for sharing their beautiful home with him.  He is very happy.  Ed said that he is grateful for the atonement and for the important part it has played in our lives the past 3 months.
Happy Thanksgiving! 

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