Sunday, December 15, 2013

Belle Kinshasa!

We live in a wonderful penthouse apartment on the 9th floor of our building. We have just received word that we are being transferred to a city 1000 miles away. We will miss the fun views of the city that we have had. The next few entries about a few of our favorite things we enjoy while living here.

Recently we took some of our students up to the floor above us, on the deck… and they were thrilled and kept saying “Belle Kinshasa, Belle Kinshasa!” They had never had the opportunity to view the city from up high. 

It was fun to look at the city through new eyes, and appreciate that it is “Belle (Beautiful) Kinshasa.” These are the views from our deck. Yes, that is the famous Congo River!  And across the river is the country Republic of Congo (versus the Democratic Republic of Congo). 

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