Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just for Fun!

We have lots of pictures that show something interesting or something fun we did, but that aren't enough of a story for an entire blog. I am taking this opportunity to share a few of them.

FYI: This is how deep an outhouse hole is. We built it as part of the our Helping Hands project. The dirt is brought up a bucket at a time! (Almost everyone here has no indoor plumbing.)

I have a picture in my Grammy book of Dillon's head (My grandson). The African elders wanted to know how we got that picture. They had never heard of burying anyone in the sand. We showed them how it is done. Note: check out the mermaid.

My sisters and nieces gathered for a 3 day cousin retreat. I was able to Skype them (in the middle of the night) and join them for their sharing time where they shared their favorite scripture or thought. I also Skyped them for the special meeting -"Favorite Memories of Grandma". (My Mom).

What a fun dining room wall we have!!!!

Life is great in the Congo!

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