Sunday, September 11, 2011

Clear Creek Ranch meets the Congo

Last night we had our first combined Young Single Adult activity with 3 branches combined. It is interesting the talents that we have been blessed with, are developed through our experiences. Who knew that someday I would have a "barn dance" in the heart of Africa. We had over 70 young adults and 10 missionaries... and it was amazingly fun! I was very nervous about it and wouldn't tell the members what our surprise activity was. I was afraid they would think it was dumb... and just sit and watch me dance and laugh at me... but they were wonderful! When they arrived, they checked in and they filled out an information card. Then they got a name tag sticker and had Ed take their pictures. They were then allowed into the Multipurpose Room, most often known as the Chapel. We played a modified game of Guesstures, as people arrived...
and then we had a Clear Creek Ranch Barn Dance. It was great!

The actions to ABC are to help people loosen up when they dance. The idea is to have them wiggle to the beat of the mucic, and do various household chores with their hands to "dance"! However people in the Congo have no idea what it is to "grocery shop" or "walk the dog". And no one would know what it means to "mow a lawn"... let alone "be a sprinkler". So along with the other things we added "Pound the Saka Saka" and "Crush the Fou Fou". Soooooo much fun.

We did the Hokey Pokey, ABC, Boot Scootin Boogie (Modified Electric Slide),



Virginia Reel

and of course, we ended with the Chicken Dance.

Ed wkept busy running between being the D.J. sound man and the photographer. Towards the end they teased us that they wanted to dance "African"... they were too tired for any more "American" but we assured them they get to put on the next activity, and they can dance however they want. The dance lasted about an hour...and ended with everyone laughing and having a great time. We had cupcakes for dessert, which they had never seen. They couldn't believe how much fun they had!

Soooo, to my parents, to my sisters, and to my kids and nieces and nephews... we say..."THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES." We are once again greatful for the growing experiences the ranch gave to all of us!!!


  1. Oh my word! I am so proud of you! That is so much fun! I was thinking today that it is too bad I already did a barn dance this year for my ward b/c could you imagine if Lani, Char and I did one together? And to think they thought I was amazing on my own? The 3 of us together really would knock their socks off! Char gave a modified version of her talk today for the young women. She was amazing! They all loved her!

  2. Ah, the memories! I have many fond memories of the Ranch! I miss it, and the families that go with it! Thank you for your missionary blog, too. I read it frequently. I'm glad I can keep up with your adventures.