Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am continually reminded what a fun, great man my father found for me to marry. Big thanks Dad. These are a few mission moments in the life of Eddie Gates.

Ed Gates is "The Blur". It's fun trying to keep up with him.
He will be 65 next week and on Social Security. Does he look old? I don't think so... this is one of his favorite activities of the week at 5:30 a.m. every Thursday morning.
Here he is helping to decide if this new sofa passes "the comfortable" test, as he has spent days shopping with me.
These next 3 shots are sooooo Ed. Don't tell him something can't be done, or he will just take it as a challenge to do it! "Elder Gates, there is no way that we can transport this cabinet in your truck."
"Elder Gates... are you sure about this?"
"Elder Gates... Are you really sure about this???" Job accomplished!
Life is great... as long as we get our almost daily ice cream cones (about 40 cents).
Look what we found one morning on our early walk! We were so excited... and the locals just laughed and laughed that we thought this sweatshirt was soooo great! (Most of the clothes here have come from donations like the Deseret Industries or Goodwill.)
We bought permanent press dress shirts, but he still likes to "touch them up" because the Congolese always have perfectly ironed clothes. The crease over the shoulder is a big deal.
This is him trying to keep the mission organized...
And this is him meeting with the city water superintendent about drilling a new well to provide water for five neighborhoods.
We had a service project picking up litter in the city... and here he is picking up the litter that our "litter picker-uppers" left after our break and refreshments. But... they are learning.
And here he is trying to teach the Congolese children it is important not to litter.
He has become the main photographer and they all think he is hilarious because almost none of them have cameras or hardly ever get their photos taken.
This is a photo of him at the end of the day trying to do a few more excercise moves. His shoes are on so he can go outside and turn off the generator, because the power was out... again.
But I guess my favorite view of him today was when a camera wasn't appropriate. This morning I took a peak at him in his short sleeve white shirt and tie, standing alongside another elder, as they laid their hands on the head of another elder who was ill to give him a priesthood blessing. Eddie, my love... Thank you for being you.


  1. What a fantastic post! I love, love, loved it!!! I was laughing so hard at the cabinet photos. Those were so Dad! Are you being able to use your water well knowledge there to build wells for the local neighborhoods? That is so fantastic!

    I also love the photo of him chewing the young kids out about their garbage.

    What a great man! I am so proud of you two! I love you so much!

    I am so thankful for both of you! Mom and Dad! What a wonderful world you are living in for the next 17 months.

  3. OH this just makes me want to cry with joy and so much love! I loved this post also! Oh mom and dad, you are doing such a great job over there! And thank you for being such great examples to me and my children! I love you both so much!

  4. And let's just say how great that dad found a Utah sweatshirt! I love how you guys find little ways to make the African people feel good and appreciated! nn

  5. I have never seen your office desk so clean. The spirit does work in mysterious ways.