Friday, August 13, 2010

Bargain shopping

I have spent days and shopping for the stuff for the new apartments. Thanks to staging the beach houses with Christel and Caren, I have had lots of experience. It is a different experience than shopping in the fancy shops of Newport and Laguna Beach... but I did learn from the best.

I have learned to bargain with the shopkeepers. I was very excited to find a clothes tree for Dad and I, and stackers for our bathroom and closets. In fact, they have worked out so well, and I had got them down in price so much, we bought each companionship a stack of 4 baskets, a clothes tree and a little office table that we are using as a table between their 2 beds for scriptures, alarm clock, etc. The Elders are thrilled with any little "luxury" and they like having a place for all their small things and books, other than in a big pile at the bottom of their closet or on the floor of their rooms. (They didn't have any drawers, etc.)

These photos are of the place that we bought our sofa set for the boys, and I am going to have them make us sofas once we know where we are going to be permanently. As you can see, my options for fabric are exciting, most are velour... and I would hate to choose bright purple if our new apartment is bright orange!
Fabric options for sofas
The shop, the carpenters and the treddle sewing machine that they make sofas on.

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