Sunday, November 5, 2017

Our Temple Worker's Choir

July 18, 2017

One of our most important assignments with this calling is for us to promote spirituality on the temple job site.  Every morning at work, we start the day with a morning prayer meeting.  Ed (or I)conduct it.  We have a welcome, a song, a prayer and a short message.  Then we turn the time over to Stan or Justin to discuss the work of the day.  On Mondays we have a longer devotional with a message.  Every morning we are thrilled by the men and how great they sound when they sing.  They really are amazing.  They know all the verses of almost every hymn.  They sing, often in beautiful harmony, with gusto and testimony of the words they sing.

A few weeks ago, Ed felt inspired to invite all the workers, members and nonmembers, to join together and form a choir to perform at our sacrament meeting.  He felt it would be a good way to promote spirituality and unity, and to introduce the church to those with questions.  He did everything, and asked nothing of me... except to bake cupcakes.  He coordinated with the bishop to find the best date.  He felt they should sing "The World Has Need of Willing Men."  Of course, they sang it in French.  It is a favorite, because it describes what all of us are doing every day.  About 2 weeks before the big day, Ed had a printed invitation made up and gave them out to everyone who was working on the job.  He invited them to bring their entire families to be part of the special day.  He told them he would pay for the public transport for all.  He had each man fill out a response sheet, and if they replied that they couldn't come he went to them and asked if he could help them in any way to be able to participate. He was marvelous and made everyone feel an important part of the Temple Worker's Choir.

On our big day, we were thrilled with the participation.  Most of these great men brought families.  We had over 120 extra people at Sacrament meeting.  The choir was absolutely amazing!  I was very proud of my sweetheart.

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