Thursday, June 1, 2017

It’s Good To Know You Are Needed!

Look how fun... We are really building a temple!  This is a photo taken from the neighbor's deck, so  we are allowed to post it.  It shows how much of the steel roof is erected.  (It also shows our apartment house at the far, far left.)
Ed is the inspector for the temple job.  When we were told not to come back to the Congo for a few weeks, due to potential political violence, everyone assumed all was going well at the job site.  The first morning back on the job Ed immediately realized there were problems with the way that the roof structure was being erected.  The connecting plates were made out of a steel that was only about half the thickness that was specified on the plans.  Corrections are being designed... and then we will move forward again. 
The good news that came out of it was that we were reminded that we are needed here in Kinshasa!😊😌

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