Thursday, March 16, 2017

How does one put into words sacred happenings?

March 11, 2917

How does one put into words sacred happenings?  I wrote a blog entry, in October, and asked “Is It A Coincidence?”  Literally during the minutes that we poured the concrete floor slab in Celestial Room, we witnessed a beautiful natural phenomenon for about 15 minutes.  It is referred to as a “Halo”.  As we all looked up at the sky, we saw a beautiful rainbow around the startling bright sun.  I immediately said… “It’s Dad… and he’s letting us know that he is with us and cheering us on.”  I pointed it out to the workers who were busy pouring and finishing the slab.  And then I said… “It’s the Seraphins! (French for angels.)  They are celebrating that we are building a temple in this part of the world!”  We were all thrilled, and very humbled, to have witnessed such a sight.

Yesterday, March 10, we poured the columns and beams in the Celestial Room.  I was deep in work in the office.  I felt a distinct impression that I needed to go outside and watch the men and see if I felt Dad’s presence, or at least to feel the spirit of the temple.  (He loved the excitement of a concrete pour.)  I kept working, and a minute later the feeling came again.   At a cousin retreat in January, my sisters and nieces encouraged me to “Be Still” and taught me the importance of taking time to follow promptings.  I decided to walk away from my work at my desk, and go watch the men at work… and “Be Still” and enjoy the moment.

I opened the office door and walked outside.  The sun seemed brighter than usual.  I looked up and saw our 2nd Halo.  I quickly walked down to tell Ed and the workers to look up.  It was there again, as we were pouring the Celestial Room walls.  I walked over to the lunch area, picked up a plastic chair, and sat down at the front of the temple and watched.  For about 30 minutes, I just sat and watched the temple being built, under the Halo. 

I happened to have my little red Kids Are Music sound amplifier on the job, for the first time.  I have a wonderful digital album called “Happy Hymns” that I love.  Our interpreter volunteered to walk around the job with the speaker playing energetic songs such as “The World Has Need of Willing Men.”  The men sang as they worked for about 30 minutes.  They moved from the Celestial Room area to the front platform, which will hold the steeple for now, but is engineered to hold a “future statue”.  As they finished pumping the last of this area… the pour was finished, the pump hose was pulled up and moved to the side of the building.  We looked up in the sky and the Halo faded away. 

This time we know what it was that we saw.  It was a special Tender Mercy. It happened twice, months apart, as we were pouring the floor & walls of the Celestial Room.  What a blessing it is to work on building this temple with these marvelous men!  We will always humbly remember what we witnessed.


  1. Thank you Aunt Kriss for sharing such a wonderful experience with us! I'm so grateful we are all practicing "being still"'s something I need to work on too. Such a blessing to see another Halo as you work on the temple. Angels are with you for sure! Love you!

  2. This is so wonderful! Truely amazing! So much more then a coincidence!! I'm proud of you for listening to the spirit!