Monday, March 13, 2017

Distribution of Donations from Utah Part 1

When the temple contractor, Westland Construction, shipped a large container to Kinshasa from Utah, he accepted donations from various sources.  Huge crates and boxes were shipped.  I was asked to coordinate finding worthy recipients and distributing them.  It ended up being an extremely rewarding experience for me.

I arranged for 4 boxes full of "like new" children's books to be donated to the English speaking school.  This school was not as needy as the other places we made donations... but the books were in English, instead of French... and the school was thrilled to receive all those wonderful books.
There were over 100 fabric bags, made by a group of young women.  18 were distributed to an orphanage.
The rest were donated to the Raped Victims Women's Center, which is in the Eastern part of the country, where a violent war is currently being fought.  Enemy  soldiers rape the Muslim women, who are then abandoned by their families, as the victims are considered "unclean."    Most of the baby clothes we received were also donated to this center. 

Clothing and beautiful soft fuzzy blankets were given to orphans and to some of the needy children in the church, whose Dad's work at the temple site. 

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  1. Yes! You definitely need to write more!! These are precious and such a great place for you to go read when you are wondering why you are there!!