Saturday, October 1, 2016

Primary Temple Rocks ... Part 3 ... The Rocks Go Out!

(If you want the full story on the Primary Temple Rocks - start with Part 1.  Part 2 was just written and is below this entry. This is part 3.)

The rocks were ready to give out to the Stake Presidents at the meeting with the Area 70s on September 10th.  We kept stressing that this was to be a sacred project... and it was.

The Stake Presidents were excited and had many questions.   We also had a bag for the Mission President.  He has 3 branches in outlying areas that are about a 7 hour drive away, which are too far away to be part of the Kinshasa Stake.   Two of those branches are in a town called Matadi.  We weren't sure when those rocks would get there.  We left those presidents with their "sacred packages" and all our best wishes.

8 days later we received our first responses.  These photos came back from Matadi! 

We are thrilled and humble and grateful to have been an instrument in this project.  Each of these 1500 children will know that this is their temple... and they are "going there some day!" 

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