Saturday, September 10, 2016

Kaka Orphanage Update

On our last mission we became very involved with the Kaka Orphanage.  It was fun to return to visit them.  A few of the 20 children we became close to have been adopted in the past 2 years.  A few have returned to live with their "families", a couple have moved on to be "street kids" but there were still six of our favorite kids that were excited to see us.  These are four of them.  If it weren't next to impossible to adopt from here, I would take Dorothea (age 14)
 home for sure.  She is wonderful. 

These are some of the new children.  They are precious...

These are some of the kids from the school that is on the Kaka property.  They don't live in the orphanage, but they attend the school on the property.

 It was good to see them.  The traffic has gotten worse, and the drive to the orphanage is a nightmare.  Between that and not having much free time,  we may not get out to the orphanage as often as on our last mission,

We were happy to see that most of our construction  repairs and remodeling are successful.  There was no flooding during the rainy season since we left.  That was great news!!!

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  1. THat is awesome to hear that the construction held up and did it's job! YEA for no flooding!!