Saturday, September 10, 2016

Freddie & Beatrice

We have 2 very special new friends.  Freddie and Beatrice Martinez have moved in next door to us for the duration of the job.  Freddie has worked for Westland Construction for about 30 years.  She speaks Spanish, but knows enough English that we can communicate quite well.  Freddie is a very clever, hard worker.  Ryan asked for someone great to come and help on the project... and Westland sent Freddie.  Beatrice reminds me of my Mom in that she will follow Freddie anywhere and be happy.  They are darling together and hold hands, and are a good example to us.  They aren't members, but we had Mitzi pack up some Spanish Liahonas, a Quad and Gospel Principles.  They are wonderful people and we would love to see them join.  They both had birthdays, their first week here.  We are enjoying each other lots!

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