Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lunches on the Site

Our great contractor, Stan Houghton, with Westland Construction... along with our On-Site Project Manager Ryan, decided that our men needed food.  They contracted 2 sweet widows, Rachel & Elysee, in our ward (with 15 children between the 2 of them) to fix lunches daily.  They have done an excellent job and have gone from being full support from the church to having their own successful business.  (It is very Congolese food, and we don't eat it, but the men LOVE it!  It is unheard of here for a company to provide a meal.)  For many of the men it is their only meal of the day.  It also allows them to have a little more food for their family, as they don't eat as much at home.  These women are darling and are at the job every day at 7:30 to attend our prayer meeting.  They usually cook a full dinner for 40 men in their little outdoor kitchen Ed helped to create.  We will miss their 2 daughters when they go back to school.  


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